Toyota Corolla 2014

I always thought that only luxury cars have the $$ to hire a big star to help promote their new car. But I was shocked when I saw that Louis Koo 古天樂 was the star to promote the new 2014 Toyota Corolla in Beijing (and no, unfortunately I was not there to see him). That’s a big advertisment $$, well, at least it caught my attention. First of all, I didn’t know the Chinese name for Corolla is 卡罗拉, it just seems like a funny translation for me, maybe it sounds better in Mandarin, but in Cantonese, it just sounds weird.


The new Corolla does look very slick, the exterior is an improvement compared to the previous generation. Hmm… and even a lot more new features including heated seats. It is a very cost efficient car with a lot of functions that usually only a luxury brand has like push button start which was the first ones in the economy line back in 2009. I’m sure luxury brands have its high class standards but for 1/2 the price, you can get a lot of the similar functions. Also with the high gas prices, I can’t justify buying a luxury car with premium gas … like my dream pink mini cooper. I’ve somehow only driven a Corolla all my life – even when I thought I was going to buy another car brand, I still ended up with the Corolla. I’m currently driving my 3rd Corolla (despite the 4 recalls on my current car) … should I go for the 4th next?? Tempting ….

Baked apple chips

I brought these apple chips from Muji in Tokyo and I fell in love with them. It was too bad that I only brought one bag and now I’m all out. From time to time, I have these late night cravings and I’m bad that I eat chips. Once I start eating, I can’t stop, sometimes I end up eating at least 1/2 a bag… so bad. Today, I decided to try to bake my own apple chips for my snacking.


It’s actually not hard at all, the most time consuming part is slicing the apple into slices. I don’t have a medallion so I had to do all the hard work. I sprinkled some cinnamon on top and baked at 200F for about 40 minutes, and then flip them for another 40 minutes or so until it is crispy. Of course, mine didn’t turn out like store brought but it will do for now.  Next time, I will try with gala apples.  :)

Ruse of Engagement 叛逃

This was an exciting series – lots of actions, twists and turns. Yes, TVB series has not always been the greatest but this was a decent one.  And no, I’m not bias because 陳展鵬 was in it. He was really good, he did some crazy stunts all by himself, no doubles. I was actually waiting each night to watch each episode at night. It was what I was looking forward to each day while I was at work. Now that this show is over … what am I going to watch now??


From 22C to -7C ….

So on Monday, Toronto had record high of the warmest day reaching up to 21C. It was windy but it was warm. No jacket, wearing my flats, feel like I’ve lost a few pounds because I didn’t have to bundle up. And as night falls, it went down to zero degrees and rain turned into ice pellets and then turned into snow overnight. Woke up the next morning with snow covering the ground. Merry Christmas?!?!? Temperature dropped to -7 in the morning. Record low of the coldest day on April 15. I had to find my winter coat, boots, gloves, scarf and shovel the car. OMG, I didn’t even have to fly into another time zone to experience the drastic change in temperature… from summer to winter in less than 12 hours.


What is going on with mother nature???