Momofuku Milk Bar

Ok, so it has been awhile since Momofuku have opened its location in Toronto. And to-date, I still have not tried their ramen but I finally made it up to the Milk Bar. First of all, the Milk Bar is located in the 2nd floor from the restaurant. The first time we tried to find it, we couldn’t see it on the first floor as it was just the restaurant and there were no signs that points it was on the 2nd floor. This time, we asked and they pointed us upstairs. It is a small refrigerated glass room with the different selection of cookies and pies. No wonder we couldn’t find it the first time.


The cookies are $2 each, delivered from Williamsburg in NY. I picked two different kind – the fan favourite “Compost cookie” and the “Corn cookie”. As the name suggest, the Compost cookie is made from a mix of everything – chocolate cookies, chips, pretzels, oaks, ground coffee. So basically, a compost of ingredients. Taste – well, it taste like a chocolate oatmeal cookie to me, not that impressed… why is it a fan favourite? I have no idea … I personally don’t like it at all.

The Corn cookie on the other hand, was much better. It could be because I like corn bread so the corn cookie taste similar. There was corn taste and it was very soft, you can taste a lot of butter in it. But definitely a lot better than the Compost cookie.  At least the corn cookie might get me to return for more if I have a craving for it.

Momofuku Milk Bar
190 University Avenue, 2nd floor
Toronto, ON M5H 0A3

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Elections 2014

So who is going to be the next Toronto mayor?? I know what I don’t want to be but we will have to wait and see tonight. I don’t live in Markham or Richmond Hill (where the majority of the Chinese population live) yet there are I get all these Chinese name candidates. I love these translated names yet the Chinese candidate didn’t have a single Chinese word on her ad.


Don’t forget to VOTE! :)

Update: and the new mayor is going to be John Tory!

Hanes Corn Maze

This is my first time at this Corn Maze out at Dundas, Ontario. 20 acres of land filled with corn stalks, a big maze where you have a map and try to find the checkpoints and solve the puzzle. A lot of the path was cleared off but it can be dangerous if you happen to step on a corn and roll off balance. The photocopy map was not one of the best quality so it was hard to follow the routes on the map. There were over 12 checkpoints and 6 other hidden ones that are not on the map. Now, doing a map maze with accountants and engineers, means that we were very systematic and follow the map exactly. That’s why we were complaining about the bad quality of the map as it was hard to follow. And the map was not to scale as some were further and some were closer than what it looked on the map.


After we found all the checkpoints on the map, we were trying to be adventurous and just wander off aimlessly to find the hidden checkpoints. We ran back into a lot of the same checkpoints and even the same hidden checkpoints. We found only 3 hidden ones and it was getting dark and hungry so we gave up. But we were still able to solve the puzzle without finding all of them. And our prize … a small bag of chips. It was fun, we spend about 2 hours wandering in the maze. A great way to spend outdoors in the Fall. As we were leaving, it was pitch dark and there were a lot of people coming to do the night hunt. It is definitely a lot harder at night time. :)

Proud to be a Canadian

It has been very sad for Canadians these past few days after the horrific event in Ottawa at the National War Memorial. Pictures means a thousand words as Cpl. Nathan Cirillo body was brought back to his hometown Hamilton from Ottawa along the 600 km highway. Along the way, every overpass and side of the roads were filled with Canadians paying respect and pride to our fellow solider. This emotional respect just shows how Canadians are who we are, we stand together, this is something that couldn’t be faked. We Canadians are very proud of ourselves, true in the heart. RIP


The Book of Mormon

Watched “The Book of Mormon” the musical for the second time tonight @ Princess of Wales. It’s been over a year and I actually don’t remember much of the story from the first time. So it was like watching it for the first time again, very funny, very offensive jokes as expected. I’m not a big Catholic person so I didn’t feel that offended from the jokes. It’s about 2 missionaries going on a missionary trip to Uganda and trying to baptist the community there. How this story line will end up making references to Lord of the Rings and Star Wars characters… you have to watch it. It was very funny show. Our seats were great, right at the centre stage.