Wedding day …

One of my best friend’s wedding today. I know the two of them since the very beginning, from the ups and downs, so happy to see they finally tie the knot. I was lucky to be the GM for the entire day. It was my first time so I was getting stressed out the past few days. It was tiring running around but it was fun. Beautiful wedding and everything went smoothly, the fires were put out fine. Congrats to the new couple.


Katy Perry Prismatic Tour

I’ve been waiting for this concert for 7 months! I was able to get tickets when it came out back in January, from one show Katy extended to 3 shows in total in Toronto! That is how popular she is here. I like it when it is held @ ACC because the venue is a good size that no matter where you sit, you can see get a good view. There were 2 opening acts – Ferras and Capital Cities. At least I knew one song from Capital Cities – “Safe and Sound”.  Katy Perry’s part started around 9pm. She came out from a Prism and ended the concert closing in the Prism … the concert theme. And whenever possible, there would be Prism everywhere…


The concert was very lively and colourful. Everyone was up and singing along from the beginning. She really got the crowd going. The concert was a full 2 hours and because I’m quite a fan of her songs, I knew majority of it so it was fun. She had some very creative outfits – from glowing lights dress … Egyptian with a horse, kitty cat,  smiley face bikini top, to butterfly dress, birthday suit. She also drew a Canadian flag on her face, she does know her crowd. She was also flying everywhere, on ballons and walking on air. I really enjoyed the concert, it was better than Lady Gaga. I would definitely go again! :)

More of my pics from the concert here: