L’Oreal Extraordinaire by Color Riche Lip Color

I got some lip colour from L’Oreal. They had different shades ranging from pink, red, orange and dark brown. The exterior is gold colour with the shade colour in the middle. Once you twist it open, you can’t see the lip colour until you pull it all the way out and on the lip brush. You can’t tell how much lip gloss is actually in there or how much is left. I like the smell of the lip colour. The lip brush I find is too wide, it is hard to brush it around my lip to shape properly. I like the texture of the gloss, it’s rich and glossy but not sticky. And it stays on pretty well, after eating breakfast and drinking coffee, the lip colour is still there. Aside from a little hard to put on, pretty good lip colour.


Squid ink pasta

I saw this squid ink pasta sauce in Muji store back in Japan and brought it back. I’ve finally got the time to make it. It was fun, the squid ink was really black! Just a few drops and my entire pan was black. It was very yummy. I didn’t put much things in the pasta, just pieces of sausage, garlic, green onion and the squid ink mix. The squid ink taste like the preserved dry shrimp. Interesting… the sauce is more convenient  than trying to find squid ink pasta (which I still have not been able to find here in Toronto). I wish I brought more from Muji!!! They don’t sell food items in the Muji NYC …why???


New life

Got a new life for my old DIY terrarium and 2 additional ones to join the family. You think it is easy to upkeep this plant but you are wrong. They say it is low maintenance but you need to be just right in the amount of water and lighting. You screw up in any of these combination and the plant is dead. I had to say goodbye to my first one pretty quickly after a few months. And I’ve been trying to find another airplant to replace it but it is hard to find a place that sells it. Finally I found it at CNE booth and got some.


I made 2 additional simple terrariums since I got some extra plants. It looks beautiful now but let’s see how long the plants will stay alive. :P

The Cupcake Shoppe

A little treat for myself since I’m in the area. I really didn’t know which cupcakes they are famous for so just picked the 2 that are my usual favourite. Red velvet and Salted caramel cupcake. The cupcake was really soft. The icing was where all the flavour was. I like the combination of salted caramel with the chocolate cupcake better than the red velvet.


The Cupcake Shoppe
2417 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON M4P 2E7

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Pai Northern Thai Kitchen

Another Thai restaurant open up in Entertainment District, owners from Sukho Thai and Gusto 101. It is hidden in the basement, the décor is like abandon factory with old relics, wooden chairs and tables. We’ve made reservations and luckily we were able to get our table pretty quickly. The place was packed with the dinner crowd, it’s pretty noisy in there and lots of people traffic walking around.

We first had the papaya salad with salted crab. When we ordered it, we thought we would get pieces of crab. When the plate came, we were searching really hard for the crab and couldn’t see any. As we dig into the papaya salad, we found little pieces of crab shell and that was is. It was suppose to be only there for flavouring and no crab meat. Boo. The salad was made from green papaya, it is hard like a cabbage, not the orange papaya. I wasn’t a fan, it was served on a big plate with a few shrimp chips and vermicelli, the papaya salad was piled as a small tower in the centre but not much to eat. Not worth the $12.


After the salad, our food took  pretty long before it came. But when it came, all the dishes came at the same time. We ordered 3 mains as recommendation from the server. Chicken pad thai ($14) – this was my favourite out of the dishes. The homemade tamarind sauce was excellent, not like the other “fake” pad thai which tastes like ketchup. The noodles was stir fried just right, not mushy or too hard. Next dish was Gaeng Hunglay ($15) – sweet & sour curry with ox tail served with rice. It was served in a clay pot which was interesting. If it was served on a stove and bubbling as well, that would be cool. The ox tail has been cooked to tender, the meat is very soft and falls off the bone. The sweet and sour curry was good but I still prefer the golden curry. Final dish was Pad Gra Prow ($15) – famous street food in Thailand. Stir fried ground meat with basil served on rice and topped with a thai style fried egg with pork belly. The pork belly was crispy, not just the skin but the meat part as well. It was very tasty. The egg with the ground meat on rice was original, not that special so the pork belly made the difference.

We were all pretty full from all the food between the 4 of us. The service was good when the serve finally comes to our table. It’s too busy and hard to get anybody’s attention here. Good night out with the girls.

Pai Northern Thai Kitchen
18 Duncan Street
Toronto, ON M5H 3G6

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