Movie night

Double feature tonight with a common theme – Chinese movie with Louis Koo (古天樂). I loved him back in the TVB days but since he moved on to only movies, I haven’t been watching as many of his movies. Recently, I saw 逃出生天 (Out of Inferno) on the flight to Tokyo, it was exciting … there was lots of intense moments and I was awake during the entire movie (which is hard on the plane). But I’m sure there were things that I have missed so I decided to re-watch the movie again. And yes, there were dialogue that I finally understand. It is a good movie, action pack, fire-fighter trying to put out a big fire in a tall office building. Let’s just say, even though 古仔 is already 43 years old, he is still so good looking and hot, still so man. :P


So after watching this movie, I watched another one of his – 掃毒 (The White Storm). This was a long intense movie as well. It was one of those movies with twist and turns that you need 100% concentration to watch it. In other words, I couldn’t multi-task at the same time. It has a power house of actors – 劉青雲, 古天樂 and 張家輝. It’s about police team trying to raid the drug mob but of course, it is more complicated then that. It’s one of better movies out there in HK for awhile. It’s rare but these 2 movies were worth watching, not a waste of time at all!! :D


I hate it when people ‘like’ their own status / photos on FB

This drives me crazy. I hate it when people ‘like’ their own status / photos on Facebook. Obviously if you made the status update or upload the photo, then you like it? So why press the button? So you can get the attention?? I have a few friends who always does it, every posts she makes, every picture she uploads, she is the first person to like the post. Conceited?? I have blocked her from my news feed cause it drives me incredibly annoying.


Finance Manager Training

I was in training at a downtown training centre these past 2 days. The training was actually pretty interesting – how to be a good finance manager. The facilitator was very engaged to the participants. I don’t know if it was because the training group was small and that I was more comfortable talking in the wrong, but I definitely spoke out a lot during the training. Usually, I am quiet as a mouse. I miss working in the financial district. I feel like this is where I belong… still looking for that job down here… one day!


Anyways, this was a good break from work and give me a few days to be very close from home and have my short experience of working downtown. The food they provide was always hot food – hot breakfast, lunch and always snacks & desserts during break. And the coffee was good, I think I’ve been having a high caffeine rush, I had at least 4 cups of coffee during the day. I can’t complain at all, I think I gained at least a pound from all the food for just these 2 days. No more sandwiches!

Wasabi Furikake

I never heard of this Wasabi Furikake until I was in Japan but OMG, it is heaven after the first time I tried it. It’s basically wasabi seasoning with seaweed, sesame and other spices. Sprinkled it on rice and you don’t need any other dishes to eat and you could eat the entire bowl of rice. For a person like me who usually just eat 1/2 bowl of rice for dinner, I managed to finish an entire bowl of rice all by myself. Maybe it is also the Japanese rice is more glutinous compared to the Jasmine rice I eat at home, I prefer Japanese rice a lot more. I brought a bottle back from Mount Fuji but it is not the same mixed with Jasmine rice. I need to buy Japanese rice now!


Damn, after coming back from Japan, there are so many foods that I eat back in Toronto is just not the same anymore… my taste buds have ate all luxury items and now is having a hard time adjusting. :(

Work venting

ARGH!! Really hard to calm myself down at work. I just want to give them a 2 hour notice and walk out. Everything seems to be irritating me in some shape or form. It is year-end and yes, I have been through it with this organization before but this year, everything just seems so complicated, more pressure from above and just more extra work they make me do. I spend all day today sorting out other people’s request than concentrating to do my own year-end work. I got nothing done and time is clicking.



Lobster tail + Shrimp pasta

One way to stress relief = cooking for me. Tonight, thought I would treat myself with making this lobster tail + shrimp + spinach pasta. It turned out pretty good, yummy. This dish probably would cost $40 at a nice restaurant and the portion would be even smaller.


I don’t want to know how much calories was in here. At least I didn’t eat any dessert afterwards. :P

Bonjour Brioche

It’s finally a beautiful Spring day (not sure if it will last but at least it was on a Sunday and not a workday). We went for Brunch at the east end to Leslieville. There was a line up outside the restaurant but we were lucky, there were 2 available seats on the patio and asked if anyone is interested. Of course we were!!! And it is a nice sunny day today so why not sit outside. Therefore, we didn’t end up waiting that long, about 15 minutes or so only.

The patio seats were pretty tight and our seats were right at the entrance so lots of people walking by. It was hard to decide what to try. I got the mushroom / arugula / swiss cheese tart. And since their brioche is well known, I got the blueberry brioche (I wanted to try the raspberry lemon one but they were out). The bread was good, but I have a feeling the raspberry one would taste better as there will be more filling, next time?


For my tart, it was nice and hot. I love the tart crust, very flaky. The filling was packed with mushroom, arugula, cheese and egg custard. I wish there were a bigger piece. It came with a side of mixed greens and baguette. The baguette was good, but wish it came with some butter or jam or something to eat it with. It was a very healthy portion, lots of greens, and small portion of tart. I was full after but not stuffed.

Bonjour Brioche
812 Queen Street East
Toronto, ON M4M 1H7
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