We wanted to get a burger before we catch the show so we were in a time crunch. We didn’t expect to be a line up at the restaurant but there was. So we got take-out instead. But even getting take-out took quite some time. There was only one person working at the counter, probably waited almost 10 minutes before she was able to take our order. Then waited for another 15 minutes before we got our food.


I got the Wiki Wiki burger ($13.25) – wild boar, gouda, duck bacon, onions, pineapple relish on brioche bun. The wild boar patty was good, juicy, not dry. There was crispy onions on top. I didn’t taste much of the gouda though. The duck bacon was good, extra fat on the patty and the bun was toasted. Overall, not a bad burger, but wish there was more gouda on it. We also got sweet potato fries ($4.85), the sweet potatoes seem extra sweet, like it was dip in syrup or something before it was cooked. It was overpriced though for sure. The white peach ice-tea was a disappointment, tasted like water, no white peach flavour what so ever.

Like many gourmet burger places, overpriced for just a damn burger. May or may not return here.

111 Dundas Street West
Toronto, ON M5G 1C4
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Hana-bi Sushi

We got the LoveBoat ~ sushi and sashimi platter. There was even sea urchin sushi!! The fish is fresh, sushi freshly made. The chef even gave us some complimentary hand rolls. We also got the tempera dinner, freshly fried shrimp and veggies. The panko batter was thin and crispy, We were really full. We also got green tea ice-cream for dessert. I haven’t had that for a long time, good dessert to end the meal.


Hana-bi Sushi
3255 Highway 7 E, Unit 18
Markham, ON L3R 3P9
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Toronto Maple Leafs

The Leafs have been out of the play-off run a long time ago but it’s officially over after playing the last game of the season. Well, out of all the Canadian teams, only Toronto and Edmonton did not make it to the play-offs, the other 5 Canadian teams made it through. It’s too bad that 4 of the 5 teams are playing against each other in the first round so the Canadian representative ratio will be eliminated.


Now that Leafs are out of the pictures, more time for me to catch up on Raptors and Jays. Raptors have clinched the play off spot and Jays are just starting the season. Exciting!! :)

Once ~ the Musical

Got a chance to watch ONCE the musical. I went in knowing nothing about the storyline, or watched the movie. The cast was small, about 15 people. Simply one background, no orchestra, all the music was played by the cast on stage. It was pretty funny in the beginning, then got serious. It was a simple story, but they made it well along with the music.


The cool thing was audience was allowed to go on stage before the show and during intermission. So we went on and get to see the stage up close, the decor and how it feels to stand in the centre of the stage in front of a full audience.

The only thing is I was sitting behind this couple that couldn’t keep their hands off each other. And it was annoying because the couple was on the big side and they were blocking half of my view. I have to keep moving my head side to side in order to see what was going on the stage.

Yuzu No Hana

Haven’t had time to blog about my food adventures for my birthday back in March, time to catch up. My friend and I tried this Japanese place in the Entertainment District. Pretty nice atmosphere, our table was facing the sushi chef. We got the Yokihi cocktail – sweet and refreshing taste of lychee and pomegranate with a splash of sake. Very refreshing and resemble like a Bellini.


We first start off with soft shell crab with ponzu sauce. Freshly fried but not much taste to it even with the sauce. Next was the sashimi platter of the chef’s selection, from salmon to tuna and other fish that I couldn’t remember. Really fresh, really tasty, I especially like the white fish.

Then came the Yuzu maki – shrimp tempura, spicy scallop, avocado, tobiko. It was seared at our table, meaning it was served with a plate of flames underneath. It was pretty cool, it was still flaming at our table for awhile. My friend got scared but I thought it was pretty cool. It was quite spicy, but it was very delicious. We were still hungry afterwards so we ordered the Nabeyaki udon – udon, shrimp tempura, scallop, white fish, egg, vegetables in a hot pot. I love the broth, it was a little sweet and good taste of fish broth. So good, made the udon taste so good. After this bowl, we were really full. Very satisfied.

Yuzu No Hana
236 Adelaide St W
Toronto, ON M5H 3H1

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Jamie’s Italian

Visiting in England, of course we must hit the famous Jamie Oliver’s restaurant. Since he has occupied our Sobey’s here in Canada, will visit him here in London. We tried JAMIE’S SAUSAGE PAPPARDELLE – Ragù of slow-cooked fennel & free-range pork sausages with Torrione Chianti. You can taste the fresh pasta, very chewy texture. The ragu pork sausage was good, but wish there was more sausages in the sauce, felt like I was eating a vegetarian dish. The other pasta dish we had was the linguine with smoked salmon. Scottish smoked salmon is more fatty, juicy and tastier compared to Norwegian smoked salmon. It’s so good, going back to the regular salmon I have been eating is just not the same any more.


We went all out for desserts as well. AMALFI LEMON MERINGUE CHEESECAKE and SOUR CHERRY & ALMOND TART. Both very good, not too sweet but tasty. Overall, not a bad meal and at reasonable price.

Jamie’s Italian
17-19 Nelson Road
Greenwich, UK SE10 9JB
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Jin Juu

I didn’t have any really great food in London but there were a few worth mentioning. We tried this place Jin Juu owned by Iron Chef UK Judy Joo in Soho. It was pretty busy even after the lunch time. We ordered the Jin chicken to start – Korean fried chicken. It was freshly fried, mixed with the secret soy sauce. The chicken was pretty juicy, not bad. But £8 for 4 pieces of chicken thighs, pricey.


Next, we had the Bibimbap with seasoned veggies and fried egg (£8). Taste like any normal Bibimbap, nothing out of the ordinary. Finally, we tried the kalbi beef (£20.5), served with white rice, seasonal leaves, & toasted seaweed. The kalbi wasn’t like the ones they usually serve in Korean restaurants – the ones with the bones on it. But the beef was sliced like steak. It was interesting to wrap them in cabbage leaves and rice. The beef wasn’t bad, but I think I prefer the beef short ribs with the bones.

It wasn’t a cheap meal but based on the other restaurants we have tried in London, this is one of the better ones.

Jin Juu
15 Kingly St
London, UK W1B 5PS
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