AGO: Revealing the Early Renaissance

My friend got tickets to the exhibit. It was cool, learned a lot. And it was like the perfect time as it was Easter as well and many of the paintings in the Renaissance was for churches and people were very religious. They all prayed so they will end up in heaven even with all the gold that they have.

It was very interesting to know how these paintings were done. Back in the 1300’s, there were no ready to paint canvas available that you can buy from the art store. It takes a lot of work layers of garnish on top of the piece of wood to get it. And with a wrong portion of mixture, the canvas will start cracking later on. Many of the paintings used ultramarine blue as the popular color as it resembles the ocean. It was more expensive than the gold coatings that they like to use as well. For their books and bibles, it was all so pretty with the scriptures and then the art to explain it. All with gold plate as well. The books are painted on animal skins yet it feels so thin and crisp, just like our parchment paper now days. It was a good exhibit to get up close and learn about the Renaissance period art.


Elle ma Dit

t was a random pick on Baldwin Village. It was a quiet little place. We were seated at the ground floor, there was an upstairs as well. The waitress was awesome, good service. There was a lot of good things on the brunch menu.

I ended up picking the chicken & waffles and my friend got the steak hache. The chicken breast was crispy and hot. The waffle was made from sweet potato. I never had that before, chucks of sweet potatoes were in there and it was still fluffy. It was very tasty, good portion, I was full but not stuffed.

Elle ma Dit
35 Baldwin Street
Toronto, ON M5T 1L3

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Filming NYC

Can anyone tell me what TV series or movie this is for. It was filmed at a park downtown. Was just walking home and saw some NYPD cars on the street….hmmm, I’m not in NYC right now.

They were filming a scene at some festival in the park and someone was shooting and people were running away.

Jamaica Beach + Sun

It was such an amazing view, clean, crisp blue water, tropical fish, sand, sun with cool breeze. Sinking this all in before heading back home to the suppose to be spring weather but not. Till next time, Jamaica heart

Will be uploading the pics soon! Check back for the links!

Jamaica: Bob Marley tour

This tour was so expensive – $87 USD for a 1/2 day tour to Bob Marley tour but since we were here in Jamaica, it was the thing to do so we couldn’t resist but going knowing we are getting ripped off. There were no other option, all the tour companies were charging this high.

We drove to up to Nine Miles which was up the mountain. This is where Bob Marley was born. It was a poor rural area, lots of unfinished houses and farm land. Bob had to make sure that there was a school here for the children and his foundation made sure that it was accomplished. It is here that make you realize how much you already have in your life compared to these kids. They don’t have much toys, only through donations, yet they seem very happy running along the street, playing with other kids. No computers, no game consoles or expensive toys to keep them happy like the urban kids.

We finally arrived to his house and final resting place. Once we got off the bus, we were able to smell the “vegetation” already. Right by the wall, there was a little hole where a guy poke his head out and showed the selection of vegetation to purchase. It was expensive! Our tour guide was definitely high, he denied it and said it was leftover from yesterday, yeah right. The tour itself was not that long. First, they try to make you buy this Jamaica shot – 3 colours, green, red and yellow and then they light it to flame. But for $10 per shot, that is steep! I think out of the group, only 3 people had it. Failed!

Finally, the real tour begins. First, a room housing the piano he used, and album covers of his platinum sales, memorabilia etc. And then followed by some performers singing the good old Bob Marley songs. Our tour guide joined along as well. That took up a long time too but the people were very into it, singing along with the tunes.

Next we walked up the hill of Zion to the house where he grew up in. The house was very very tiny. Basically, probably the size of my bedroom. There was a chair in the living room and that’s about it. The bedroom, just big enough to fit a small child bed. Outside, there was the kitchen where it was an outdoor stove. And there also lies his special thinking rock where he has come up with his music. We also saw the church where his mother is resting in peace as well as Bob’s chapel.

That was basically the tour, realistically, the tour should be only worth $30 max. But now I can say that I saw where Bob Marley grew up.