My flats collection

I was organizing my shoe closet and didn’t realize that I have accumulated this many pairs of ballet flats already (let’s not talk about my heels and boots). And I still have a few pairs back at my parents’ that I haven’t brought over yet. I love wearing flats, so much better than heels and much better for my feet posture. It’s great that they are still in fashion. Hope it will be forever!


The Following

Don’t know if anyone out there is following this series but I have. I’m usually not hooked to drama thriller shows as I lose patience watching. Unlike the HK tv series where they air everyday and will finish in 20 or so episode, these ones, I have to wait a week for one show and sometimes they will have a break in between for holidays. But this one, I don’t know why it all changed for me. It all started that first episode, I think I was watching the 8pm show, it was Anger Management and then at 8:30pm, they were airing The Big Bang Theory. Of course, I just stayed at my sofa watching the show (I can’t resist not watching The Big Bang even though I have watched every episode more than once). And then 9pm came, I was still on the channel and I just started watching it, the first eps was so mind boggling already with its twist that I ended up watching till the end.

This is also the first time I was attracted to Kevin Bacon. I was never really into X-men or the other movies he was in but this one, something to do with wearing a suit & tie and the tough-guy look. James Purefoy is good too, the evil yet the smart professor look is attractive as well. I must say, I have been avoiding going out on Monday nights for these past few months so that I would not miss a second of this show. You can miss a lot if you step away for even one minute! Now Season 1 is over … when is Season 2 going to start??? In September?? OMG, I can’t wait this long. stunned

The Good Fork

A few co-workers suggested this place was good. We wanted to go here for a few weeks now but something always happened so we couldn’t go but finally we did. There were a few things we wanted to try on the menu so we paired up so we can share the dishes. We got the red velvet pancakes with cream cheese frosting and maple syrup. The pancakes were big, not too sweet and it was fluffy

And we also got the chicken pot pie with smoked chicken, bacon, peas, corn, puff pastry with sweet potato fries. The pie came in a big bowl. There was a lot of stuffing inside, big pieces of chicken, slices of bacon mixed with the veggies. The fries were awesome with the mayo. We were so full afterwards. I will definitely come back to try other dishes.

The Good Fork
2432 Bloor Street West
Toronto, ON M6S 1P9

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The Host Fine Indian Cuisine

First time going to an Indian buffet. I have tried the HOST at the Mississauga location long long time ago but it was just regular dinner plate. It was during lunch time and it was packed so it is popular place for Saturday afternoon. There were quite a selection of both meat dishes and veggie dishes. My favourite of course is butter chicken.

My other favourite are the desserts – Gulab Jamun – made from milk solids deep fried and soaked in sugar syrup. Jalebi – this is the first time I have tried this and love it. It is batter of flour and yogurt dipped in sugar syrup. Yes, it is sweet but it was good, it’s like funnel cake but smaller. It was freshly made too so it was still a little warm, soooo good!

The Host Fine Indian Cuisine
670 Highway 7 East
Richmond Hill, ON L4B 4A7

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I watched this play – “Race” tonight at Canadian Stage theatre. It starred the famous Jason Priestley (my favourite back in the 90210 days). The last minute rush tickets we got were awesome seats. We were right at the first row. I was so close to the stage and so close to Jason! I was so close that I can see him spit while he was talking his lines, I can read the time on his watch. It was amazing. silly

About the performance … the set was a simple office setting in a boardroom. There were only 4 characters in the entire play. The play was about a wealthy white man played by Matthew Edison (Charles) accused of raping a black woman and came across this law firm to help defend him. The law firm had 2 attorneys – one white played by Jason Priestley (Jack) and one black played by Nigel Shawn Williams (Henry). There was also an attorney in training played by Cara Ricketts (Susan) who was a young black woman. Without giving away much of the plot, the story was the discussion of what is race? The answer is different from everyone.

Overall, I think Nigel was the best in his character, he really brought out the side of how the black in this world is treated. Jason was good but maybe because he hasn’t been doing plays for awhile, he needs a more practise, sometimes, he did not projected his voice loud enough and there were times of silence. Cara, she was a little over dramatic at some parts. I’m glad I took the time to watch it.