Burger Week @ Gangster Burger

It is Burger week in Toronto. Many of the different burger joints in Toronto are offering a special $5 burger for people to try. Today, I decided to try the burger from Gangster Burger. Their special was the KDH – beef patty, sautéed kimchi, chipotle mayo, fried egg, spicy ketchup. I already went there later around 2pm to avoid the lunch crowd yet I still had to wait in line for 35 minutes before I got my burger. The place was very small, just enough space to have 2 lines – to order and to wait. It was a very hot day and with the open kitchen there, I was dying of heat. I don’t know how the staff can manage to work there all day, I was suffocating in the 35 minutes I was there and couldn’t wait to go outside to have some fresh air.


The burger was pretty spicy for me and I have an ok spicy tolerance level. The first bite of the kimchi and the chipotle already started burning my taste buds and stayed there for the remaining of the burger. I had to get some milk to drink in the middle of the burger to fight the burning fire in my mouth. The egg was suppose to die down the spiciness but it didn’t. The patty was still moist even with black crust on the side. It was a good burger, next time I will try something less spicy so I can get a better taste at the other ingredients in on the burger.


Gangster Burger
607 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON M5V 2B7


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