CHIN Picnic

It has been a few years since I went to CHIN picnic as usually on a long weekend, I will be away to a cottage or to the US but not this year. So since I was in town, went to the annual CHIN picnic to watch the Chinese show portion. Today turned out to be really sunny and no rain at all during the afternoon. I was being toasted out in the sun and now I have a t-shirt tan, should have wore a tank top (what was I thinking).


The peak of the show was waiting for the special guest – Him Law 羅仲謙 from Hong Kong. At first, I thought the show was over by 3pm but as it turns out it didn’t end till 3:30pm. We were waiting and waiting, why he has not come out and it is passed 3pm. Finally, he comes out to stage. He was so hot, so musclar!! He was wearing a tight dress shirt and jeans. He first thew down to the crowd a few of his autograph t-shirt. One was very close but the person behind me caught it instead. Boo! He was very good to the fans, he came down to shake hands. I was able to shake his hands…hehehe 🙂


He sang two songs – one was Ekin Cheng and the other was Aaron Kwok. To my surprise, his singing was pretty good, never knew he could sing until now. It was worth being in the sun for hours and not going out of town.


Karachi Kitchen

Was in the neighbourhood and decided to grab some India food takeout. This place is take-out only, no place for you to eat here. After I ordered, the food came pretty quick. I ordered the butter chicken and naan.


The butter chicken was very creamy and spicy. The colour is more light orange compared to the dark orange colour. There were quite a good portion of pieces of chicken in it as well. The price was very reasonable, the cheapest place I have tried so far and the food was good. Too bad this place is not close to my house.

Karachi Kitchen
4120 Dixie Rd
Mississauga, ON L4W4V8

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End of June means end of school for students. Both teachers and students are excited. I remember back in the high school days, graduation was a big deal. But now I think of it, it is nothing as basically everyone graduates from high school, nothing special. University graduation is a bigger deal. But high school graduation was a time when I still had hopes and dreams and going to university was a way to achieving those dreams. Well haha, now naive I was back then. I think back now, how I decided to leave Toronto and go to Waterloo for University all by myself. There were no one else from my school going to Waterloo nor the Accounting program. Yet, I was brave enough to go there all on my own leaving all my friends. If I have to chose again, I don’t know if I would leave my friends behind. But then again, it did force me to branch out and make new friends in Waterloo.

I remember my high school principal gave a speech and told us that the friends you have in University are the ones that will be your friends forever, not the ones you have from High school At that time, I thought she was crazy. But as it turns out, it is true. After the first year of University, I still talked to a few close friends but as the years past, I haven’t talked to them. If it wasn’t of Facebook, I don’t think I will ever find them to see what they are up to nowdays.

I always wonder if my life would be different if I didn’t go through the accounting route. Will I be happier? Maybe I wouldn’t have wasted my 20’s trying to get my CA and end up with a job I hate. I could have just become a CGA, they are like all the same now so why did I waste my youth to end up at the same place as these people fighting for the same job. I could have enjoyed my life more, maybe I could of have time to find a bf instead of still being lonely. Maybe then,my relatives think I would have been more successful because I find a husband, they really don’t know the difference of a CA and a bookkeeper anyways so what’s the point of getting the destination.

Thanks to the radio with playing this song – Vitamin C – Graduation which came out the year I graduation and was my class graduation song…. that got me thinking about the past.

Watermark Irish Pub

It was a nice summer day so perfect patio weather. I was around the waterfront area and not many restaurant options and decided to pick this place. The place was starting to fill up for the lunch hour but not packed. Many of them are tourist who are just relaxing and have all the time in the world. But some of us don’t…. The service was super slow. We waited for awhile just to get waters and take our order in. I was starving like crazy, not even any bread is served. We literally waited an hour for the food to arrive!

I got the lobster roll – Atlantic lobster with arugula, bacon and tomatoes on grains bread with chipotle mayo and fries on the side. It was really only a sandwich and I’m sure they have prep the lobster beforehand so it is more just assembling it. I’m not sure why it took so long to do. Everyone around us were annoyed as well with the slow service, hungry customers are not happy customers.


The sandwich itself was pretty good despite the amount of time it took. The lobster was very tasty, I think it is the lemon that brought out the freshness. There was enough flavour there with the arugula and the bacon. Definitely one of the better ones I have had. The fries seems like the bits and pieces left over of potatoes but it was good with the sea salt. The food was good but it was not cheap – $18 + tax for lunch. Only try here if you have lots of time in your hand.

Watermark Irish Pub
207 Queen’s Quay West
Toronto, ON M5J 2M6
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Waterfront Festival

The annual Waterfront Festival with all the tall ships displaying along Lake Ontario. It was a great day outdoors, so it was packed with people. I didn’t buy tickets to go onto the boat to tour but it was still good just viewing the boats from ground level. Most of them were from Canada but there were some who sailed from the US, there was also one who came from Norway! It was all spread across the Habourfront, it was a pretty far stretch long the way but it was good exercise walking. I got a great tan from it and didn’t have to go away down south.


The last day was the parade of sail where all the tall ships sail across the lake. It was an amazing view – the ships looks so much prettier with all the sails open. And some were firing cannons as they sail by which scared the life of me. Seriously, the unexpected bang can give people heart attacks. It was fun watching all the sails parade through. Aside from the tall ships, there were also displays from the War of 1812. Also, lots of food vendors including my favourite Beaver Tails was there.