The Queen’s Arms & Maharani Indian Cuisine

This is the first time I ever been to a pub with Indian food. It was really noisy in the restaurant area with the bar. So if you are looking for a place to talk, might want to reconsider. I had the butter chicken with naan (my usual in an Indian restaurant). The server was really nice and very attentive.


The butter chicken is a bit smaller portion compared to the other places. The pieces of chicken was very tender and not dry. The sauce was on the spicy side for the butter chicken sauce which are usually mild. The naan was ok, it was served warm but not sure if it is freshly made.

The Queen’s Arms & Maharani Indian Cuisine
1170 The Queensway
Etobicoke, ON M8Z 1R4

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One thought on “The Queen’s Arms & Maharani Indian Cuisine

  1. Looks like you opted for takeout by the above picture, so I understand how you would think that about the naan. It will never taste as good as when you have it at the restaurant because it is wrapped while
    warm in the foil and that keeps the moisture in and makes it rubbery. So now when I want take out from there I warm up my own Costco naan at home.

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