The Oxley Public House

Perfect patio weather which is probably why most of the patio seats have a wait for the dinner service. We were lucky and grabbed the last patio table. The server was really nice even though he was swamp with tables in the patio. We ordered the curried mussels & chips for appetizer. It was a good sized, the sauce was curried but was not spicy. The chips were fresh cut potatoes fried. It was a good opening to the main meal.


My friend ordered the steak & chips and I ordered the lamb chops & kidneys. The mixed up my order and thought I ordered another dish but they were pretty nice in exchanging to the dish that I did order, no arguments there. I had to watch my friend enjoy her steak but they gave me some chips to snack on which was nice.

The lamb chops were worth the wait. It was grilled nicely on both side and easy to chew. The sauce was very tasty with the kidneys. I love lamb so the strong flavour of lamb did not bother me. I clean it up pretty quickly. I loved the plates they served, so England.


We got a complimentary dessert due to the order mix up so we tried the flourless chocolate cake with buttermilk ice-cream. The chocolate cake was really rich, jammed packed with chocolate flavour. Overall, good meal, good company.


The view was good here at Yorkville with all the nice cars going down the streets… dreaming I was being picked up by one of them.

The Oxley Public House
121 Yorkville Avenue
Toronto, ON M5R 1C4
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