Cho Dang Gol

We really wanted some tofu soup. We were walking around Korean town, I forgot what was the name of the previous place that I have been to so we just randomly walked into this restaurant as the outside menu looked good and there was a good crowd sitting inside.

The menu was in a form of an opening scroll. I ordered the soft tofu stew with kimchi and beef. First, the appetizer was fresh made tofu – it was very fresh, you can really taste the soy beans. There was also a lot of other side dishes, from kimchi to seaweed to potatoes to bean sprout and fish. Very appetizing to eat the main dish.


The tofu soup was very delicious. The tofu was soft with spicy flavours. The rice was served in the stone pot but then they just served us the rice and took the pot away so I didn’t get to eat the burnt rice at the bottom of the pot … booo! I saw them serve it to others but not us.

Cho Dang Gol
55 West 35th Street
New York, NY 10001

Cho Dang Gol on Urbanspoon


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