Ryu’s Noodle Bar

We definitely did not plan on coming here today but we did ended up here for dinner. We were hoping we didn’t have to wait in line and we didn’t have to, but we did come here around 8:30 pm. We asked the waiter what is the most popular ones and he recommended this one for those who like a more richer broth. I got the spicy miso ramen and the garlic & shallot oil.

First time I tried the spicy ramen, at first, I was scared that it would be too spicy and I couldn’t it. I got the regular spicy and it was fine, I was able to eat the entire bowl. The soup was thicker in texture, not just the normal miso soup. It was topped with tofu so it was a good balance of hot. And then, as I finished half the bowl, I’ve added the garlic oil into the noodles for a different taste. The garlic oil was very tasty too, it did give another flavour then just the spicy soup. The noodles was the best part aside from the soup base. The noodles was very chewy.


The service was really good too, explained the menu very clearly and how to eat the ramen with the oil. Overall, great food and service.

Ryu’s Noodle Bar
33 Baldwin Street
Toronto ON M5T 1L3

Ryus Noodle Bar on Urbanspoon


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