Marathon Cafe

My friend told me this is by far the best HK milk tea place she has tried. The owner won awards for making the best milk tea. It was a “fast food” type restaurant. You find your own seat, go up to the front to order your food and they will bring the food to you. It was afternoon tea time so we just got some light snacks. Our main thing was to see how great the tea was.


The milk tea was good but not great. It was strong enough and with good tea flavour. But I wonder if it is because they served it in a paper cup instead of a mug, it was just not the best. I have tried other milk tea at other HK style cafe in Toronto that was as comparable. The food was not that great. We ordered the 4 flavour toast – with butter, strawberry jam, peanut butter and condensed milk. I expected something a bit more classier. This was just 2 piece of toast with the 4 things spread on the bread. They could have at least cut it into 4 pieces to distinguish the 4 flavours. Seriously, I could have made it better myself at home. Then the pineapple bun with butter – the bun was probably shipped from other bakery, the pineapple crust part was mushy, not crispy at all.  We also got the 奶油豬 combo – it was just toasted hamburger bun with condensed milk – how is this 奶油豬?? Failed.

Overall, the food was really plain, could have made it better at home. Maybe the rice / noodle dishes are better then the afternoon tea specials – but definitely a disappointment walking out.

Marathon Cafe
26-155 East Beaver Creek Rd
Richmond Hill, ON

Marathon Cafe on Urbanspoon


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