Happy Halloween

I didn’t have time to buy a costume, so all I had time to do was my nails. I couldn’t do anything that scary as I still need to go to work. So something mellow yet still in the theme of halloween. Khakis green with black & white polka dots.



Sansotei Ramen

This is still my favourite ramen place. Came here, lined up for about 20 minutes – got a table right at the window so everyone lining up can watch us eat. I wanted to try the spicy tantan but they were out already. So I went back to my favourite – tonkotsu ramen – pork belly, black fungus, egg and green onion. The soup is still delicious. I don’t know if I was extremely hungry but I was not full after I finished the bowl. Did they reduce the portion size of the noodles??


Sansotei Ramen
179 Dundas Street West
Toronto ON M5G 1Z8

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Ryoji Ramen & Izakaya

We came here looking for desserts late at night and it was hard to find somewhere that was not ice-cream as it was cold. So we ended up here and not for ramen. When we came, the kitchen was closing soon so we had to order quick. We had the “Sata Andagi” – Okinawa doughnuts drizzled with chocolate sauce. It was delicious, the texture was like biscuit and not like a timbit. It taste like some other Chinese thing that I can’t name. Too bad there was only 2 on the plate. I wanted more!!!


Ryoji Ramen & Izakaya
690 College Street
Toronto ON M6G 1C1

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Enzo Pizzabar

Came here for some late dinner. Ordered the “Pepe pizza” – tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, Calabrese hot pepper, Italian sausage, onion. The server was really nice, keep coming over to check to see if everything is good. The pizza was spicy, the crust was thin and all the toppings go perfectly well together.


Enzo Pizzabar
646 Queen St West
Toronto, ON M6J 1E4

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T-shirt coaster

This is such a clever idea and good reuse of recycled items! It was part of our Team Building event at work. We made so much nice jewellery and coasters. From using unused t-shirts, we cut into thing strings so it is like yarn. We got all different beautiful colours and then you just start braiding it like your hair. So easy yet the end product is so beautiful. As I was part of the organizer that day, I had to run around so I didn’t have that much time to play with this but I did end up making a coaster.


Work mural

My co-worker and I have spend so much time these past few weeks trying to put this mural together for the Team Building day activity, from planning to making. We got a art facilitator to help with our idea. Tonight, we were trying get all the prep work done so that tomorrow’s activity will run smoothly. We were sanding the wood and painting the scales for over 4 hours tonight. It was fun but it was also very tiring. It does beat starring at excel worksheets all day long. I was sanding with this wood rasp and had to use a lot of arm strength to sand. I didn’t realize how much of a work out I did until I got home. I can’t really describe it but my arm was in so much pain, it wasn’t like the muscle ache I get from working out but it was like a numbing pain. Just laying my arms flat on the bed and I was in pain, not even moving. It was like I couldn’t feel my arms. We only got the body of the dragon sanded and stained … we still got the oars to do later. That will be another intense workout. Hope the staff will appreciate this event tomorrow and not complaining. Fingers-cross.


Fashion Week – Melissa Nepton

My friend gave me a last minute invite to the Fashion show tonight by Melissa Nepton from Fashion Week in Toronto. Her Spring / Summer collection was all female so my friend was semi-interested. Her line was very simple, with square, lines and dots pattern. Though some pieces were very revealing so really not practical to wear. There was a few summer dresses that I liked, with the flower patterns. The show was really short, we probably waited longer than the actual show.