School Restaurant

Last time I came here to try for brunch but it was such a long wait, we went somewhere else instead. This time, we tried to go on a weekday hoping that it will not be crazy. We were right, no wait, straight into getting a table. We were seated at the back of the restaurant with the sun shinning in. I was deciding between eating a breakfast dish or a lunch dish. The last minute, I decided on the waffles & fried chicken ($19) dish.


Even though there wasn’t many tables, the food did take awhile to come. Luckily we were not on a schedule and had all the time in the world. The plate was good. The waffles was freshly made, the chicken was hot and crispy with Tabasco-Pepper honey. The chicken had good flavours on the crust. I was quite full after eating the last bite. Overall, it was a good dish but it was quite expensive so not your every week brunch place.

School Restaurant
70 Fraser Avenue
Toronto, ON M6K 3C5

School Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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