Yakitori Bar & Seoul Food Co.

After the last failed restaurant experience for yakitori, this is attempt number two at this place at Baldwin Village. It was a weekday so it was not crazy but it there was a few tables eating. There was a lot of interesting things on the menu. I started off with the ‘gangnam style’ – soju, Korean yogurt & orange frizantte. My first time trying soju and I never knew you can mix Korean yogurt with alcohol. I love drinking Korean yogurt so this drink is perfect for me.

They had Tuesday special – if you buy a drink, can get poutine and wings for half price. AWESOME!! We got the kimchi fries with pulled pork. Also my first time trying kimchi fries, yummy!! We got the kimchi honey wings. The kimchi had a good kick to it, spicy and then with the honey to even it out.

We had the mixed yakitori platter – mixed vegetable, shrimp, chicken thigh, beef ribs and pork belly. The best skewer was the beef ribs, very flavourful and tender. I was disappointed on the pork belly, there was no belly fat on the skewer, only the meat part and was very hard.


We also got the beef tataki – seared angus beef in ponzu sauce with garlic chips. The beef was very thin and good, it went really well with the ponzu sauce and the tasty garlic chips! The tuna carpaccio – seared tuna with maple tamari sauce. It was fresh tuna, the sauce was good. But out of the two, I like the beef tataki more.

Finally, we also got the takoyaki. It was small ones served on a skewer like the Chinese style fish balls. There was a big piece of octopus meat inside. It was alright, not the best or the worst one I had.

It was a nice atmosphere to hang out in small group and talk all night long. We were there for over 3 hours just chatting, time flies. I think if we weren’t like the second last table or that we had to work tomorrow, we would have stayed longer. The food came pretty quick, the food came faster than our eating speed so we were never waiting for food. Definitely a better dining experience than the last place.

Yakitori Bar & Seoul Food Co.
1 Baldwin Street
Toronto ON M5T 1K5

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