Bonjour Brioche

It’s finally a beautiful Spring day (not sure if it will last but at least it was on a Sunday and not a workday). We went for Brunch at the east end to Leslieville. There was a line up outside the restaurant but we were lucky, there were 2 available seats on the patio and asked if anyone is interested. Of course we were!!! And it is a nice sunny day today so why not sit outside. Therefore, we didn’t end up waiting that long, about 15 minutes or so only.

The patio seats were pretty tight and our seats were right at the entrance so lots of people walking by. It was hard to decide what to try. I got the mushroom / arugula / swiss cheese tart. And since their brioche is well known, I got the blueberry brioche (I wanted to try the raspberry lemon one but they were out). The bread was good, but I have a feeling the raspberry one would taste better as there will be more filling, next time?


For my tart, it was nice and hot. I love the tart crust, very flaky. The filling was packed with mushroom, arugula, cheese and egg custard. I wish there were a bigger piece. It came with a side of mixed greens and baguette. The baguette was good, but wish it came with some butter or jam or something to eat it with. It was a very healthy portion, lots of greens, and small portion of tart. I was full after but not stuffed.

Bonjour Brioche
812 Queen Street East
Toronto, ON M4M 1H7
Bonjour Brioche on Urbanspoon


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