wish me luck … in line TIFF ticket purchase queue

Tickets for the movie at TIFF were on sale at 9 am this morning. Woke up early this morning to get prepared. When the clock strikes 9am, was going on the website on and on trying to get in. Finally, after 2 minutes in, I was in the queue line … was 843 in the line … OMG, that far behind? I had another window open, was in line at number 1163.


Thank goodness the movie I want to go see is not one of the popular gala première so it was not on the off-sale list and I should have a chance to get the tickets. Finally after an hour, I was in the front of the line and able to get the ticket I want. Yeah!!! Can’t wait to see the movie – it will be the world première. Cross my fingers that Louis will come to TIFF and show up at the movie première. That will be a bonus!! 😀


小籠包 Xiao Long Bao

My love for 小籠包 continues … so we need to keep find new places with good 小籠包 to eat. We tried this restaurant tonight here in Scarborough, it is suppose to be the sister restaurant of 鼎泰豐 in Markham. The restaurant was big and spacious, not like the typical Chinese restaurants where the pack all the space with seats, lots of room between the tables.

We ordered a few dishes: 小籠包 (Steamed Pork Soup Dumplings) –  very juicy, thin dumpling wrapping. 元盅雞湯 Double Boiled Chicken Soup – clear chicken broth, the noodles were very chewy. 擔擔麵 (Dan dan noodles) – it was not spicy, but fill with peanut sauce, the same noodles as the other noodle dish, very chewy. 牛肉饼 (fried beef pancake) – steaming hot, juicy on the inside. 豆沙锅饼 (Red bean pancake) – hot off the fryer, crispy on the outside, but needs more red bean paste inside.


Overall, the food quality is pretty good on the dishes that we got. I like it better than 鼎泰豐 for sure. Seating is more comfortable so that might made the meal more enjoyable. Let’s see if this quality would keep up overtime.

小籠包 Xiao Long Bao
175 Commander Blvd
Toronto, ON M1S 3M7

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Blue Jays vs Yankees

Well, the Blue Jays haven’t been doing well ever since May, on and off wins and August has been horrible. They are pretty off out of the playoff race now so just taking it one game at a time. They are finally back home after long road trip, and playing the Yankees. It is also the last time that Derek Jeter is going to play in Toronto before he retires. Since they are playing New York and it is a long weekend, many New York fans have came over to cheer on. But everyone cheers when Jeter was up at the plate – both sides – Toronto & New York. He is a very respectable player by everyone.


I was sitting at section 523, front row which makes a difference compared to sitting in the back row. We were along the 3rd base line and a clear shoot at the plate. But because Buehrle was pitching – left hander, most of the people were batting right so we got the back of everyone batting. We had the 1-0 lead for 6 innings after the Bautista  home run. But the Yankees came back in the 7th inning with 5 runs. We try to rally but a few runs short. And fans starting leaving and we were surrounded by NY fans .. We lost 6-3 at the end but it was an exciting game to watch. Rasmus got 2 hits, Pillar made 2 nice catch and RBI double. The problem with watching a game live is that there is no close captioning, there were times that we had no clue what was happening and they don’t do replays on all the good moments like they do on TV.

The dome was open and it is much better at night because you get the night wind breeze and not the hot sun compared to the afternoon games.

ROM: The Forbidden City – Inside the Court of China’s Emperors

Thanks for my friend’s invite to visit the Forbidden City – Inside the Court of China’s Emperors at ROM. Lot of history and artifacts from the Forbidden City in Beijing. I’ve been to visit the real Forbidden City but still I feel like I have not seen these things display here. It was a very educational session. The layout of the space was kind of all over, no specific path to go and see the items that follows a chronological order. There was a lot of people in the exhibit but we were lucky we just missed the group of kids coming in. It is the last weekend before the exhibit closes so I was glad I went before it was over.


Guu SakaBar

It’s been awhile since I went to Guu, this time I tried the Guu Sakabar on Bloor. We went during lunch time, not many people, only a few tables. And they have a different menu for lunch, not many tapa dishes available and more just lunch sets. I got the GYU NABE TEISHOKU – Japanese sukiyaki hot pot with rice, soup, salad, pickles and 2 kinds of kobachi. It was delicious, the soup was very rich, so yummy with the rice. Beef, tofu and cabbage altogether. My only comment would be to serve with udon instead and that the tofu would be soft tofu. It brings back the sukiyaki taste I had in Japan.


Guu SakaBar
559 Bloor Street West
Toronto, ON M5S 1Y6

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tired of ALS ice bucket challenge?

No, you are not about to see me dumping a bucket of ice over my head. I’m so sick and tired of these videos intruding all my FB news feed that I have stopped checking my FB for a few days. So annoying at this point, first it was all the Hollywood stars then it got spread to the HK stars and now are my friends and their friends. At first it seemed like a smart idea as a fundraiser to get more donations but now it is like a popularity contest of who is getting tagged. URGH. Anyone else sick of seeing this as well?



Luxurban Kitchen 時尚主題餐廳

Randomly picked this restaurant to try as my relative had tried it before. When we first walked in, it was pretty empty but the décor was so elegant with layers of table cloth and chair covers and nice dinning sets … we were worried that it is going to be an expensive meal. The menu was huge with pictures to all their dishes. Since this restaurant food was mainly catered to China crowd, lots of the menu items we were unsure of what it was and that lots are spicy dishes. Their English translation was weird compared to the Chinese name but luckily they had pictures.

We wanted to try the spinach balls but after we ordered it and then 5 minutes later, they come back and said they are all out. Really? I was looking forward to trying it. The 2 tables next to us had it, it was Saturday and it was only 7pm .. start of dinner time yet they are already out? That make no sense.


We ended up trying these instead ..  flaming shrimp, watercress salad, pan fry siu lung bao and tomato scramble eggs. The dishes were pretty good, not oily, and very unique plating presentation of the dishes. Not like any typical Chinese restaurant.  The prices are reasonable, of course not like the prix-fix set-course meal prices.  Will want to try other dishes from here again. And they have a different lunch menu as well, totally different from the dinner menu.

Luxurban Kitchen
C7 – 8380 Kennedy Road (新旺角廣場)
Markham ON L3R 0W4