Plans never work out??

This seems to always happen to me but whenever I try to book an appointment for something or schedule something, everything is all set and then the day before, it gets ruin by someone and I have to work around it. ALL the damn time! I have a dentist appointment book tomorrow evening, I already booked the latest appointment and I just had to leave the office around 5:30 to get there (it’s reasonable!). But then my new bookkeeper calls in today and say he has to come in later because he has an appointment. Since I am the only one with the keys to lock up and have to supervise him, I have to cancel my appointment so he can go to his. WTF??? It’s not the first time I have to cancel an appointment because of something for work, even when I schedule it in the evening. I can never use my sick time when I’m sick, I can’t even use any of that time as appointment time. I love how there are staff who have overused their sick time while I have only used 4 hours in 2014.

Work was so stressful today, got nothing done as usual with all the interruptions. Now still working on my night shift to update the budget. The only good thing that happened today was that it is -30C outside and because my new job has underground parking, I have door to door garage parking so I did not have to step outside at all.

Funny pic of the day, I got my new Apple 6 today… haha get it, a box with 6 apples. 🙂

apple 6a