Miniature Takoyaki stand

There are different method to release stress, sometimes it is hanging out with friends and venting over dinner; retail therapy; watching movies or art therapy. I brought this DIY takoyaki stand package from Japan earlier last year. It was pretty neat, it provided most of the materials to build from scratch. It was a lot of fun, it was quite different at some parts because the instructions were in Japanese and I don’t know how to read (except from a few Chinese characters they use). At some point, I just guessed and used my own way to get it to work. The kit is also for people who already have some art supplies at home, which they didn’t mention on the package of the additional materials needed. Good thing is that I already have paints, paintbrushes, glue etc. at home so it all worked out.


It took me a few sessions but I finally finished it. And it looks amazing, small and it is easy to find space for display. The height of the stand is 11cm just to put it into perspective.  It turned out like the diagram on the package so I’m happy. It was a lot of fun, love DIY crafts. I must buy more next time I’m in Japan. 🙂