New luggage

My old luggage was broken after I came back from my last trip, it’s about time … been with me for 6 years already. It’s time to say goodbye. I’ve been debating a lot about the new suitcase .. a suitable size, hard case vs. soft case. My old one was an expandable 26″, it’s not the largest but it got me through vacations of 2-3 weeks. As I was shopping around, I realized there are so many sizes and even if they say it is a 24″, it could be different heights and width. Can I survive with just a 24″, lighter weight but can I fit everything in? Ever since I came back from my backpacking trip to Peru, I feel that I have been able to travel light.

The other question is should I get a hard case suitcase, never had one before, but it is the more fashionable choice. Lots of cool patterns and colours. But my worry is for the soft luggage, I can stuff a lot of stuff on top and expand it, can I do that with a hard case? It is expandable but can it fit as much??


Everything was changed when I saw this luggage in the store, the art on it just attracted me and I had to get it. Even though it wasn’t the size I want (it’s smaller), I had to get it. I will need to learn to pack more efficiently then so there is room for me to bring back souvenirs. Vacation time count down begins! 🙂


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