Society today

Social media kills people skills. With the world of technologies these days, you really don’t need to interact with anyone face to face. I’ve been doing an experiment over this past month to test out this theory. I was off the social media for over a month now, didn’t post anything on Facebook (I usually would update my profile pic once a week), didn’t comment or like any posts, didn’t post anything on Instagram. Wondering if that would trigger any of my friends to notice that I have been inactive and at least message me to see if everything is going ok with me.


The end result so far is … no one has. That’s how this social media world has turn to, no one wonders if you post anything or not about what is going on with your life. No one really cares, it is just an engine for them to show off about how glamorous they think their life is. With those ppl who are on 24/7, thinking they are so up-to-date with the world by liking and posting on their feeds, really … all you are is just a machine pressing a button. You are not building on any relationships or people skills.


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