James Bond: The Music from Toronto Symphony Orchestra

To keep the theme of 007 going, tonight, I spend the night listening to the James Bond theme songs performed by our very own Toronto Symphony Orchestra. Some guys were really into character and was dressed in tuxedo as James Bond.

The first song they played of course is the famous James Bond theme song, I was so excited when they started playing the music, I was so jumpy like a little kid excited at the candy store. Wow, the song performed by the full orchestra was unbelievable. They played theme songs from all different eras of the Bond films. And I’ve only watched the last 8 Bond films so didn’t know that many songs … more like only 4 songs. But the conductor was very funny, he does a good intro to each song explaining from which film, who was the Bond, he was like a stand-up comedian.


Aside from James Bond themes, they also played theme from Austin Power, Mission Impossible. The highlight for me is when they played “Writing’s on┬áthe Wall”, theme from the new Spectre movie. It was also the Toronto premiere of this song played in the orchestra. Because the song was written using the orchestra score, it was just the perfect match to have the orchestra to perform.

After listening to the orchestra, makes me want to pick up my violin again.


DIY – Crochet slouchy hat

I’ve been so lazy to update my blog lately, well because work / life balance gets in the way. I don’t know how people can complain they are bored, I don’t have enough hours in the day to do all the things I want to do. Lately, I’ve got into crocheting, first time and learning on my own through youtube, I crocheted my first slouchy hat. I must say I’m pretty happy with it, its wearable, warm and stylish and just in time for the winter time.

grey slouchya

It took me nearly 6 hours to crochet but catching up on my TV shows makes my time more productive. And the satisfaction you get after completion, priceless. My head is too big and it is hard to find a nice looking hat to fit my big head. Now onto the next colour …

Dream journal

Documenting my dream last night, really weird. Don’t know what I was doing but somehow I ended up going on some sort of roller coaster with my friend. That’s right, how can someone able to force me onto a roller coaster when I’m so scared of them. Then, somehow, we were sitting in the same cart of the team members of the Raptors. How weird is that, I was sitting beside Lowry and DeRozan. I was overly in shocked of course and didn’t say anything, I was also worried about the ride and wondering how big the drop was going to be. But I woke up before we got to the drop, so I will never know … or I might have screamed out loud when it was dropping. And no idea how Lowry got into my head, didn’t watch the Raptors game, only checked the score last night and somehow, that played a part on my dream.