Dream journal

Documenting my dream last night, really weird. Don’t know what I was doing but somehow I ended up going on some sort of roller coaster with my friend. That’s right, how can someone able to force me onto a roller coaster when I’m so scared of them. Then, somehow, we were sitting in the same cart of the team members of the Raptors. How weird is that, I was sitting beside Lowry and DeRozan. I was overly in shocked of course and didn’t say anything, I was also worried about the ride and wondering how big the drop was going to be. But I woke up before we got to the drop, so I will never know … or I might have screamed out loud when it was dropping. And no idea how Lowry got into my head, didn’t watch the Raptors game, only checked the score last night and somehow, that played a part on my dream.


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