Happy new year!

Welcome to the year of the Horse. I literally woke up with a cold….fun! Now, officially sick. I thought I was going able to press it down but didn’t work. I’m always sick at the wrong time … usually during the busy work period that I can’t take sick days off. Well, this is not going to stop me from eating the yummy Chinese food for the celebration. I will worry about that later.


Happy new year. May the year be prosperous and healthy and happiness.


Still working away on CNY eve

Sigh… I’ve been working day and night shifts this entire month, weekends to get these Q3 numbers finalized and reports to the Ministry. 3 different Companies, 3 sets of books, 3 set of reports, all due on the same day. What did I get myself into?? It just sucks that my friends overseas are enjoying their week long Chinese new year holiday and I’m slaving away working OT to meet the deadlines. Clearly, those who set the deadlines dates are not Asians! It will be another long working weekend. 😦



Chinese new year is coming. Being overseas, the atmosphere of course it is not the same as in HKG but at least in Toronto, there is a good size of Chinese population so there is some decorations and celebrations going on. But since it is not a holiday for us here, so I have to work and have stupid Q3 deadlines right on the day so I will not get a break. I’ve been working day and night shifts there past few weeks, need to take a break. My mom said I should learn how to make it or else the tradition will be gone. This is my first time making 年糕 (Chinese rice cake).

It is actually not that hard to make, all you need is 3 ingredients.

– bag of 400g of glutinous rice flour (sticky rice flour)
– 1 cup wheat starch
– bag of Chinese brown sugar (5 sticks) “peen tong”

First, boil 2 cups of water with the brown sugar to let it melt, then put it aside to cool off. While waiting, mix the glutinous rice flour with the wheat starch in a big mixing bowl. Pour in a cup of water into the flour mix and stir until it is a milky texture with no clumps.  Then, mix in the sugar water into the flour mixture and then pour into the pan for steaming. Steam with water for about 60 minutes or until it is no longer liquid and sticky. If you poke a toothpick into it, nothing should stick to it, then it is done.


Let it cool and for it to harden before cutting it. When eating, cut into slices and dip it in egg and then pan fry it to eat. Yummy!!

Justin Bieber: Never say Never

They were airing this movie on TV, I was already sitting on the sofa and didn’t want to get up and work, so I decided to watch a bit of it. It’s these documentary movie about the behind the scene of the singer and how their life is. As we all know, he got notice from the Youtube videos but then no one want to to sign him just base on the popular Youtube views. He then went to all the radio station around and sang to get people notice him. From small concerts, he grew his popularity and then to his big fame now touring all over the world.


I’m not his big fan but never hated him, also he is Canadian so I have to root for Canadians. Too bad now he has got his fame and money and going into the dark end of doing drugs, drinking. Hope he clean his act soon, he has a lot of people as his role model.

Now I have his song stuck in my head. Baby baby oh, baby baby oh…

Seasonal party @ Bricco Wine Bar

We finally had our seasonal party for work. It was at a new local restaurant – Bricco Wine Bar. The place is small but comfortable atmosphere. We had the whole place to ourselves so a private party. YEAH!! It wasn’t a sit down dinner but there were servers bringing around appetizers. I came like 1/2 hour later than started or that I wasn’t standing near the servers, I only got a few of them, mostly the chopped peppers on bread cracker. There was also a table of platter of cheese, ham. The most amazing thing was the fried calamari and shrimps. They were so good, it ran out and we had to ask for more. It was lightly breaded and not dipped in batter, what ever the spices was, it was very tasty. It was a jumbo shrimp too, not the tiny ones.


The main filling was the polenta station. The chef was serving bowls of polenta with your own fixing. It was very delicious, very smooth polenta with corn taste. The only thing was, the drinks was not included and very costly. It costed me $4 for a coke, $14 for a glass of wine. It was a fun night to hang out with co-workers outside from work. It was different seeing the other partying side of them.

Homemade coffee

I’ve been watching this TVB series 貓屎媽媽 which is about a cafe store. Ever since then, I’ve been trying to brew my own cup of coffee. I have brought a few bags of coffee beans from Costa Rica and Jamaica and starting to use it now. From grinding the coffee beans to brewing the coffee to making own foam milk. I was trying to do latte art but failed, the coffee was not strong enough.