Copenhangen – The Little Mermaid

You can’t visit Copenhagen without seeing the Little Mermaid. The Mermaid is on a rock by the waterside at the Langelinie promenade. It’s 4.1 ft tall and weighs 385 lbs. It’s too bad that on the opposite coast, the skyline is of different factory buildings so it’s not a really pretty background. Since it is on rocks at the shoreline, so many people try to walk down to the slippery rocks to get a closer picture of it.


The actual story was by the Danish author Hans Christian Andersen. It’s quite a sad fairytale. A short version is the mermaid fell in love with this prince and wants to become human so she can be with him. She went to the Sea Witch and the witch had a potion that can turn human. In exchange, she had to give up her tongue, she will always feel like she is walking on sharp knives and she can never turn back into a mermaid. In addition, she will obtain a soul only if she wins the love of the prince and marries him, for then a part of his soul will flow into her. Or else, if the price marries another woman, the mermaid will die and disintegrate into sea foam upon the waves. The prince fell in love with the mermaid but his family disapproves and only allow him to marry the neighbouring princess. After there wedding ceremony, the mermaid was heart broken. She began to dissolve into foam but she felt the warm sun and turned into a daughter of air. Because she was selflessness, she was given a chance to earn her own soul by doing good deeds and one day will rise up into the Kingdom of God.

That is a sad fairytale, not like the one from the Disney movie.


Copenhagen – Nyhavn

Big trip to Europe, first stop in Denmark. Copenhagen is such a beautiful city in the Scandinavia. The postcard spot is at Nyhavn of the city, also known as New Harbour. The area is the 17th-century waterfront, canal and entertainment district of the city. It is characterized by brightly coloured 17th and early 18th century townhouses filled with bars, cafes and restaurants. It is also the “heritage harbour” where the canal has many historical wooden ships parked along.


Just walking up and down the street is very relaxing, no cars, just pedestrians and people sitting out in the patio enjoying a coffee or beer and catching up on conversation. Nice area to spend the afternoon and resting from the morning exploration.

Blue Jays vs. Indians x 2

So watching back to back games at Roger’s Centre is a first for me. Didn’t planned to but my friend got an extra ticket for tonight and I can’t say no. Catching the final game of the series vs. Cleveland Indians. The dome was closed in the beginning but they open it up during the game. Good thing because it was getting so stuffy inside. A muggy night at 33C but of course, we don’t complain it is too hot because we know it will not last much longer. R.A Dickey was on the mount today and he was exceptional. Pitching into a no hitter till the 4th inning, only allowing 1 run and threw a complete game in only 92 pitches. The Jays scored in the first 2 innings, no home runs but with a few string of hits and some crazy base running gave the lead. It was some crazy slide by Donaldson to score a run on a shallow pop-up. 3 RBIs by Donaldson and 2 RBIs by Tulo!

blue jaysa

Great game, love to see the high fives on the field at the end. The waves were crazy again starting in the 8th inning. Another week night game and 46,500 fans showed up. This city is going crazy with the Blue Jays Nation. At least this time I was sitting beside a kid, I had the whole seat to myself. Again, the damn Yankees won’t lose, gain no ground again tonight.

Blue Jays vs. Indians

Lots of people are starting to jump on the bandwagon of the Blue Jays, well I have been on since the beginning of this season. So hard to get tickets to good seats so week night games it is. Can’t believe it was a Tuesday night and 41,356 people showed up in the game. I brought tickets to this game hoping it was going to be David Price pitching. I was counting on the rotation to his day but Gibbons messed up my plan and send Hutchison to pitch in the minors during the road trip. So I just missed Price as he pitched yesterday night. Oh well, they lost the game but won this instead. But I got to see Price and Kawasaki being cheerleaders at the top step of the dugout shaking hands to their team mates as they come back to the dugout. It was pretty funny. I always get to see Kawasaki though, he always gets call up on the games I go.

blue jaysa

It was a low scoring game, not as much of the powerful offense that they have been doing lately. Estrada pitched great, only runs were the solo home runs. We were going back and forth with the lead. Pompey came back and pinch-run and stole 2 bases in a row to manufacture our leading run. Unfortunately, Osuna blew the save and let the game tie at the 9th inning. The entire stadium boo the guy that hit the homerun and all you can hear were disappointments. But then at the 10th inning, Goins hit a 2-run walk off home run and the crowd went crazy. I mean crazy, never heard so much noise from a building ever!!! What a great walk-off win, winning 5-3. Even walking out of the stadium, everyone was still cheering GO JAYS GO. The streets were packed like a weekend game. Too bad Yankees won, can’t gain any lead in the division.

One note to the big people out there, if you can’t fit into one seat, then buy 2 seats. I’m always stuck beside people who takes up half of my seat as well. And this guy was such an ass, he wouldn’t even try to stay in his side of the seat. Just took over my space entirely, I tried to put my purse in between so he can feel that he is in my way but he wouldn’t move at all. Close your damn legs, asshole!!