Triumph in the Skies 衝上雲霄

Finally found time away from work to watch this movie – 衝上雲霄. Of course, the theatre was only with Chinese people and mostly girls. It’s been awhile since I watched a Chinese movie in an English theatre. The movie was not the greatest, it’s a so-so movie in terms of HK movie standards. Not much of a story line, mainly just about love story of 3 different pilots and really no interaction between the 3 pilots to link it altogether. I guess they tried to have a big cast but with only 1.5 hrs, there is no time to develop a good story line for everyone so only short stories. There was also a lot of different advertisement that they had in the movie, they got a lot of sponsors!


But of course, I mainly watched the movie for Captain Branson – 古天樂. He is still very “man” and handsome as the captain. I was hoping they had more settings in London England, but the main shoots are at Brighton.


Mahjong cake

This is a first that I have seen … mahjong cake. If only it came as a whole set, that would be cool. Play and eat at the same time … though I don’t know how sanitary it is.