Blue Jays Appreciation Day

Our mayor made today as Blue Jays Appreciation Day to celebrate the accomplishments that the Jays did this season. CN Tower is blue, lots of blue jerseys around the city. It has in deed been a great season. I’m still mourning inside from the Game 6 loss, it will take awhile to recover. When Donaldson hit the ground ball for the last out, I am still in disbelief.

This is the first sports team that made me go so crazy about following their games and the scoreboard. I must admit there were many nights where I decided not to go out but go home so I can catch the game. I was still young when they won the world series back in 1993 so I don’t have much memory of it. But thank you for this season which I will now always remember. I hope we can continue to keep our key players in the rooster for next season.


Is it April yet? I don’t know what to do now to fill the void. And I really hope that the NY Mets will kick the Royals’ be-hind. #cometogether #bluejaysappreciationday


Go Jays Go

After the embarrassing game last night, honestly thought tonight was going to be the last Jays game for the season. I couldn’t get out of work to watch the game, so I was only able to check the scores and listen to the radio for the game on my way home. Estrada pitched a gem tonight and we got our offence support. We survived for another game. It was a great run for the Jays this season, a nice ending home game for the fans (if that will be their last home game this season).


Go Jays go … its great to have a big Blue Jays logo at our local park to show the enthusiasm. And it is a big logo, so big that I can’t capture it all.

Society today

Social media kills people skills. With the world of technologies these days, you really don’t need to interact with anyone face to face. I’ve been doing an experiment over this past month to test out this theory. I was off the social media for over a month now, didn’t post anything on Facebook (I usually would update my profile pic once a week), didn’t comment or like any posts, didn’t post anything on Instagram. Wondering if that would trigger any of my friends to notice that I have been inactive and at least message me to see if everything is going ok with me.


The end result so far is … no one has. That’s how this social media world has turn to, no one wonders if you post anything or not about what is going on with your life. No one really cares, it is just an engine for them to show off about how glamorous they think their life is. With those ppl who are on 24/7, thinking they are so up-to-date with the world by liking and posting on their feeds, really … all you are is just a machine pressing a button. You are not building on any relationships or people skills.

Canadian Federal Election 2015

Doing my part as a Canadian citizen. Voting is a right not everyone has so make it count. Hate the people who thinks they are too cool to vote. But this year, with all the election campaign, there is a better turn around of voters. Does it help that it coincides with the first Jays home game of the ALCS? The results is not the way I want it to be, it will be an interesting next 4 years.


Paul McCartney Out There Tour

Wow, what a concert! Concert from a legend is so different compared to other singers these days. For someone who is not a big fan, don’t know many of his songs, it was still a great concert to enjoy. My mom is a big Beatles fan so I treated her to the concert to see her teen idol on stage. Can’t believe Paul is already 73 years old yet he was able to sing for 3 hours straight, no breaks, did not run out of breathe. He was playing guitar or piano and singing at the same time. There were no dancers, just a band yet it was still very entertaining. Everyone in the stadium was so impressed with his talent, cheering and clapping after every song. Encore after encore, fans did not want him to leave. It was worth every penny seeing him sing live, it’s just like listening to a record. Sir Paul is still rocking it. 🙂


Still can’t get enough of it

You just don’t get tired of watching this over and over again. (Credits: Toronto Blue Jays)

Here is Dickey jumping in to hug the fans. (Credits: CBC news)

My favourite is still this one … somehow Navarro got a police hat …. and now is supervising the celebration.

I know it is only the ALDS but we are celebrating like we won the World Series.