Black Friday

Never underestimate the power of Black Friday shopping frenzy even in Canada. I think it’s only starting a few years ago that Canada started it’s own Black Friday deals to attract Canadians to stay in Canada to shop instead of going across the border, keeping $$ inside. Canada only usually have big discounts on Boxing day but Black Friday, at least you can shop for Christmas presents. With the high USD to CAD $$, not worth shopping in the US this year.

It is not a holiday here on Thursday or Friday but there was a lot of people up and early to line up at the store to get the deals. It was my day off so I was sleeping in, went to Target to get the game I want, got there around 10am, and it was already all gone. Geez, and the place was packed along with the mall. Seriously??? Don’t you people have to work?? Sometimes, the amount of discount when factoring in the hours you have to take off from work, it is really not worth it.

Sansotei Ramen

Warm up from a cold night with a bowl of hot ramen. Still my favourite ramen place in Toronto. And I still keep getting the same one – Tonkotsu Ramen – creamy tonkotsu broth topped with sliced pork belly, black fungus, marinated soft boiled egg and green onion. My only complaint is we were seated right at the entrance so every time someone came in / out, the cold breeze was not pleasant.


Sansotei Ramen
179 Dundas Street West
Toronto, ON M5G 1Z8

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Peru – Lima

Last day in Peru, kind of sad and kind of want to go home. I do miss home after these 2 weeks, I miss my bed, my pillow, my hot shower. We spend the morning packing our things and checking out. Our flight isn’t until 3am so we have a lot of time remaining in this city before we need to head to the airport.

We first walked along the boardwalk to Barranco. We thought we were lost as there were some streets that were pretty sketchy, good thing it was still broad daylight. We reached the main square in Barranco and to the famous Bridge of Sighs. The only thing was that the bridge was close for construction so we couldn’t walk on it, and the area around was also under construction so there was not much to see. We were a bit disappointed. Oh well.

We decided to look for the restaurant we wanted to eat last night … it took some time to find and with help with a security guard that lead us to the restaurant. It was there we found out the restaurant had already changed hands. This is already the 3rd restaurant that the tour book said it existed and it already closed or moved (and we already have the latest edition). I need to write a letter to the editor! We ended up eating at the new restaurant, it was fancy at a hotel. The meal was pretty awesome. The bread was warm with balsamic vinegar butter, first time trying it. We got ceviche, baked scallops and a seafood rice. They were all very delicious. Lovely meal here, glad we took the time to find it.


We ended up with the rest of the day hanging out at Larcomar. From walking around, to chilling at Starbucks and then watching a movie. At Starbucks, I was dying for a coffee since I only had one cup in the entire 2 weeks I’ve been here. They had a Christmas special – cranberry latte – we don’t have that flavour in Canada so I tried it. It was really just a latte with cranberry bits on top, but at least it was a new flavour. We sat there for awhile people watching. Then we decided to watch a movie, something in English of course. We picked Interstella – it had Spanish subtitles but in English. Their movie tickets are so cheap, works out to $6 USD and we were watching it in a more pricey theatre. And they have pre-picked seats selection. They don’t let people into the theatre until 10 minutes before the movie .. and because it was pre-selected seats, people came in late which was annoying. The theatre screen is not as big compared to our cineplex here, the size is like our smaller independent theatres. But it was still good. I didn’t know what the movie was about so was watching it blindly. It was a good sci-fi movie and coming from a person who doesn’t like these kinds of movie, it means it is good. It was sad and I cried throughout the movie … hahaha 😥

After the movie, we headed back to our hotel to grab our bags and headed to the airport. The taxi ride was quicker than expected as not much traffic at this time. Inside the airport, it was almost midnight but there must be a lot flights that fly out in the middle of the night because the airport was packed with people! We found out our flight was delayed by an hour so we are not leaving till 4am, OMG! I was so sleepy but can’t really sleep as the chair was not that comfortable. But the waiting area around the gate was mainly Canadians so we felt safe dozing off to nap and not worry that our belonging were going to be stolen. The flight was delayed because it was snowing in Toronto so they were delayed departing here to Lima. When we finally board, I can finally sleep for good, it was on and off sleeping as there were too many interruptions. I was glad to be home. It was a great 2 weeks away in Peru, but back to reality.