Casey’s Grill Bar

I think this is the first time I have been to Casey’s. I don’t know if it was because there was a concert here tonight that there were this many people for dinner on a Thursday night or this is just how it is here in downtown restaurants after work. My friends were already there waiting there for 45 minutes before they got a table, I left work late so once I got there, they just got the table.

We needed something quick so I got a Bison burger – with brie cheese, fried apple, onions, apple beer BBQ sauce and lettuce. The fries were so good, crispy hot, so hard to stop. The burger was good, though honestly I can’t tell between bison vs beef. But it was filling… could hardly finish at the end and we didn’t even had any appetizers.


Casey’s Grill Bar
123 Front Street West
Toronto, ON M5J 2M2

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When is this extreme cold weather going to stop ???

Ok, at first in January when they said it is going to be -30C with windchill, it was damn cold outside. But as this became frequent, it feels like every week, there is one day that is at least -20C, I got used to it and it just feels like normal winter days. It’s end of February and still, today, with another windchill alert, feels like -25C. It’s so cold the air hurts my face. This winter has been the worst since I have been living here in Toronto.


McDonalds – Free coffee week

Free coffee week @ McDonald’s. It seems like it always coincide with the roll up the rim @ Tim Hortons to get people to get coffee from McDonald’s instead. Well, it does work for me but the problem is I’m closer to a Tim Hortons at work than McDonald’s. And unfortunately with the freezing cold weather, I’m unwilling to walk the extra 10 minutes to get the free coffee. 😦


Ramen Isshin

Another new ramen place opened up in Toronto, this time in the Kensington Market area. We picked to go on a snowy / rainy day hoping that the other people will be too lazy to go out so there will be less people. We got there around 7pm on a weeknight and we go a seat right away. There were people already dining away and as it got later, more people came. The menu had a lot of new different soup base that is unique.


After reading through the menu, I decided to try the Isshin spicy black tan-tan ramen – thick wavy noodle in miso broth with wok fried ground pork, black sesame, pork belly cha-shu and chilli oil. What is unique is that they give you a mortar of black sesame and a pestle for you to grind your own sesame to add to the noodles. That part was fun, you can smell the fresh sesame. The noodles was chewy, the broth was amazing, miso with black sesame, it wasn’t too spicy but you can add more chilly oil if you prefer more kick to it. It was too bad that it didn’t come with a soft boiled egg, have to add it for extra $$. I will definitely return to try another bowl.

Ramen Isshin
421 College Street
Toronto, ON M5T 1T1

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Sochi 2014 – Day 16

Last day of the Olympics game. The big event is the Gold medal match of the Men’s hockey game – Canada vs. Sweden. The game starts at 7am local time so I actually got up at 6am on a Sunday morning to watch the game. Yes, the sacrifice made for Team Canada. It was a good game, we had the procession of the puck most of the game so it was exciting to watch. We scored a goal in each period. Our goalie Carey Price played another shut out game to keep us with the lead of 3-0. With the insurance 3rd goal in the 3rd period, I was more relief and able to enjoy watching the game. The game went by pretty quickly, I was multi-tasking with other things and when I look up at the clock, we were already down to 3 minutes to the game, and then there was only 50 seconds left and then the last 5 seconds. YAH!! Both our men and women’s team won GOLD medals. That’s right, we rule in hockey. At least this time the Finland was more accepting that they got silver, not pissed off faces when they received their medals. It was glad to hear O Canada one more time. We ended up the games with 25 medals (10 golds, 10 silver, 5 bronze), just one medal shy from the 2010 Vancouver Olympic games.

men hockey b

What am I going to do now with no Olympics to watch??

Outbound Love 單戀雙城

This series was pretty good, I liked it a lot, probably it is because of 陳展鵬. His acting has improved so much these past few years, every series is an improvement. Love watching his shows now. So good that TVB is going to air another series of his in April. Honestly, at least with an series that I like, I have something to look forward to watch after work. The theme song he sang – 差半步 – it’s on my playlist ever since I heard it, such a good song. Sadly, I have lost faith in HK music business and the only new Chinese songs I listen to is theme songs like his.

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This series, he plays a tour guide in Malaysia and then comes back to HK to go back to being a song writer. Love it when they showed Malaysia – they filmed in Kuala Lumpur and mostly in Penang. I haven’t been to Penang but after watching this, I want to now.