New luggage

My old luggage was broken after I came back from my last trip, it’s about time … been with me for 6 years already. It’s time to say goodbye. I’ve been debating a lot about the new suitcase .. a suitable size, hard case vs. soft case. My old one was an expandable 26″, it’s not the largest but it got me through vacations of 2-3 weeks. As I was shopping around, I realized there are so many sizes and even if they say it is a 24″, it could be different heights and width. Can I survive with just a 24″, lighter weight but can I fit everything in? Ever since I came back from my backpacking trip to Peru, I feel that I have been able to travel light.

The other question is should I get a hard case suitcase, never had one before, but it is the more fashionable choice. Lots of cool patterns and colours. But my worry is for the soft luggage, I can stuff a lot of stuff on top and expand it, can I do that with a hard case? It is expandable but can it fit as much??


Everything was changed when I saw this luggage in the store, the art on it just attracted me and I had to get it. Even though it wasn’t the size I want (it’s smaller), I had to get it. I will need to learn to pack more efficiently then so there is room for me to bring back souvenirs. Vacation time count down begins! 🙂


Super-Bowl commercials

I’m never a big fan of football or the commercials. I only get interested if the half-time show is by someone I like. But this commercial coming from my James Bond is hilarious. Bond’s new ride, a new Kia Sorento! Driving at 200mph on a snowy mountain road, see a sniper hiding in the trees, in the way a missile launcher … going to a top secret mission and it explodes. 🙂

Uniqlo coming to Toronto!!

Woohoo, this is finally official. After the news of Target and Sony closing their stores, finally some good news. The Japanese clothing chain Uniqlo is finally announcing that it will open 2 flagship store in Toronto. One at Eaton Centre and one in Yorkdale in 2016. It’s about time! After the crazy line-ups at the opening of Muji store, I can imagine the same when Uniqlo opens. Don’t know how the prices will be, hopefully, not as inflated again like Target compared to the US prices. At least I won’t have to go to NYC for the nearest Uniqlo store.


I can’t wait!! Love their simple clothing – from cool graphic tees and tights. I buy so much every time I’m in NYC.

Bowling time!

It’s been awhile since I went bowling so I was pretty rusty. And cosmic bowling night makes things more interesting. Each turn was very inconsistent, I can get a strike in one throw, or fall in the gutter in another. But it was fun … and tiring, I was beat after about 2 games. It was more just hanging out with old co-workers and catching up.


Paper books vs. E-books?

What is your preference in reading novels? The good old paper book or reading from a tablet. I’m still undecided. I like reading from a physical book because I like the fact that I’m holding an actual book when reading, touching each page when flipping the page. Also, knowing where you are at the book, know how many pages you have left in the chapter, know if you are almost done the book.


On the other hand, reading from e-book … I don’t have to worry about wrinkling the book (I’m a neat freak, I get pissed if my book is bent or there are scratches). It remembers what page I left off with (even if I lose my bookmark). It is lightweight and multi-use, when I carry my tablet with me, I can do many things with it and not just to read the book. If I was just carrying the novel, it would only be to read and it is a lot thicker than a tablet. On the other hand, when I’m at the beach to read, I rather bring my book because if I walk away to swim, I can just leave my book at the beach chair not worrying that it might get stolen. If I leave my tablet around, I would worry that someone might steal it.

On the tablet, I don’t know where I’m in the book. It does show you how many pages are left, but it means nothing to me … I would have to physically see it to know how far I have read. E-book does save a lot of room, when I’m done reading, I don’t have to find a physical place to store it, its only a file I save on my computer (my bookshelf is piling up with books). And e-books are cheaper as well.

Both have it’s good and bad side … I don’t think I would ever be able to switch to just one method. >_<

Here kitty kitty …

My neighbour recently got a cat. I’m never been a cat person but this cat is damn cute. She is only 4 months old so it is still tiny. The cat is different shades of grey and has big eyes, maybe because it is small. My neighbour doesn’t like to close his door, always leave a gap and the cat always manage to escape and walk around the hallway. Sometimes, when I come home, I see the cat hanging outside the door and when she sees me opening my door, she wants to come inside. But what really scared the day out of me today was when I’m leaving my unit. I opened the door and the cat came running into my unit. I didn’t expect a cat to be outside so I screamed as an instinct reaction. SO SCARED, then I realized it was just the cat.


Cuteness overload. 🙂 🙂

DIY Tiger shrimp w/ sweet potato

Dinner tonight is tiger shrimp with sweet potatoes. Take out the frozen tiger shrimp to defrost in the morning, by the time I got home, all defrosted. Cut up the sweet potatoes into small cubes and pan-fry until golden and soft. Set the sweet potato aside. Then, fry the diced garlic and mix in the shrimp until it is cooked on both sides. Then put the sweet potato back into the pan until it is all heated. Pour a little soy sauce for taste and it is ready to serve. Crunchy garlic bits mixed with sweetness of the sweet potatoes. It goes great with the big juicy tiger shrimp.