Nails … check!

Finally had a little time tonight for a manicure, DIY nails ready for Christmas party! OPI “going nude” with “the golden age” gold sparkles on top. 🙂



L’Oreal Extraordinaire by Color Riche Lip Color

I got some lip colour from L’Oreal. They had different shades ranging from pink, red, orange and dark brown. The exterior is gold colour with the shade colour in the middle. Once you twist it open, you can’t see the lip colour until you pull it all the way out and on the lip brush. You can’t tell how much lip gloss is actually in there or how much is left. I like the smell of the lip colour. The lip brush I find is too wide, it is hard to brush it around my lip to shape properly. I like the texture of the gloss, it’s rich and glossy but not sticky. And it stays on pretty well, after eating breakfast and drinking coffee, the lip colour is still there. Aside from a little hard to put on, pretty good lip colour.


My new purse

I know I just got a new purse in Tokyo just last month (and still loving it). But I fell in love with it first sight when I saw it in the store and it was on sale so I couldn’t resist. The purse is yellow which is perfect for summer time! 🙂


Love my new bag

The more I use it, the more I love my new purse. I’m glad I made this purchase in Tokyo. It’s by Colours – Jennifer Sky (sister company of Samantha Thavasa), I will fashion it off here in North America. Just love wearing it and walking around on the streets with it. It doesn’t have to be brand name to be pretty. 🙂