Blue Jays Appreciation Day

Our mayor made today as Blue Jays Appreciation Day to celebrate the accomplishments that the Jays did this season. CN Tower is blue, lots of blue jerseys around the city. It has in deed been a great season. I’m still mourning inside from the Game 6 loss, it will take awhile to recover. When Donaldson hit the ground ball for the last out, I am still in disbelief.

This is the first sports team that made me go so crazy about following their games and the scoreboard. I must admit there were many nights where I decided not to go out but go home so I can catch the game. I was still young when they won the world series back in 1993 so I don’t have much memory of it. But thank you for this season which I will now always remember. I hope we can continue to keep our key players in the rooster for next season.


Is it April yet? I don’t know what to do now to fill the void. And I really hope that the NY Mets will kick the Royals’ be-hind. #cometogether #bluejaysappreciationday


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