Canadian Federal Election 2015

Doing my part as a Canadian citizen. Voting is a right not everyone has so make it count. Hate the people who thinks they are too cool to vote. But this year, with all the election campaign, there is a better turn around of voters. Does it help that it coincides with the first Jays home game of the ALCS? The results is not the way I want it to be, it will be an interesting next 4 years.



Paul McCartney Out There Tour

Wow, what a concert! Concert from a legend is so different compared to other singers these days. For someone who is not a big fan, don’t know many of his songs, it was still a great concert to enjoy. My mom is a big Beatles fan so I treated her to the concert to see her teen idol on stage. Can’t believe Paul is already 73 years old yet he was able to sing for 3 hours straight, no breaks, did not run out of breathe. He was playing guitar or piano and singing at the same time. There were no dancers, just a band yet it was still very entertaining. Everyone in the stadium was so impressed with his talent, cheering and clapping after every song. Encore after encore, fans did not want him to leave. It was worth every penny seeing him sing live, it’s just like listening to a record. Sir Paul is still rocking it. 🙂


Still can’t get enough of it

You just don’t get tired of watching this over and over again. (Credits: Toronto Blue Jays)

Here is Dickey jumping in to hug the fans. (Credits: CBC news)

My favourite is still this one … somehow Navarro got a police hat …. and now is supervising the celebration.

I know it is only the ALDS but we are celebrating like we won the World Series.

ALDS Champs!!

That was the most exciting, dramatic game I have ever watched in my life. From biting my nails to tearing up to jumping on my sofa…. that was some game. I was listening to the first few innings in the car while driving home, we were down 2-0, and was able to cash in one run to make it 2-1. Then, eating dinner and nail biting for them to please tie up the game and long an behold, Edwin does his chicken wing dance to tie the game. All hopes were back until the long long exciting 7th inning. I still couldn’t believe Texas was able to score a run from just Martin throwing the ball back to Sanchez and it hit the batter’s bat. That was ridiculous, I couldn’t believe that after the umpire called timeout, they were still able to overturn the play and let the run score. I was really emotional and pissed at the same time, if we lose the series because of this run, I was going to be so annoyed. After the long reviews and arguments, we got to the bottom of the 7th.

alds champsa

Karma baby!! 3 errors committed by Texas in a row, bases loaded, no outs. After 2 outs, 3-3 tie .. then what .. .well, when Bautista is pissed, he takes his anger to the baseball and hit a 3 run homer. And he knew it, flip that bat with attitude! The entire stadium went crazy to the 6-3 lead. And the game was ours after this.

After bench clearing a few times, Osuna got the save to end the game. ALDS Champs!!

The Jays are one of the rare % that lost the first 2 games and was able to win 3 in a row to with the ALDS. The streets are crazy, I can hear all the Jays fans coming out from Roger’s Centre, screaming, cheering Go Jays go. Lots of car honking, flags on top of cars driving along the street. Even after 2 hours after the game, I can still hear the cheering and honking. Crazy!! I’m glad I live right in the middle of it.

Will never forget this Game 5! I can’t stop watching the Bautista home-run.

Happy Thanksgiving!

We couldn’t go without making a turkey and trying out my new oven. Convection oven is so much better, it circulates the heat, therefore, saving electricity as the food gets cooked faster. I was able to bake a 13 lbs turkey in 3 hours vs the conventional 4.5 hours. As usually, our family likes the stuffing the most, it is our centre dish while the turkey meat is a side. The turkey turned out great, very juicy and crispy skin. I think I’m getting the hang of it now. I didn’t do any prep work the night before. Started chopping up the veggies, cooking the stuffing, washing the turkey starting around at 2:30pm, got the turkey into the oven before 4:30pm, ready to eat around 7:30pm.


Night with Alan Tam

It’s my mom’s birthday and it just so happened, Alan Tam was in town for a concert. So a little present to my mom, we spend the night watching him sing. I must say, I was just a little kid when he was popular so I didn’t know half of the songs that he sung. Oh well, but lots of real die hard fans were there singing along song after song.

alan tama

Thoughts after Game 1 ALDS …

Well, sometimes too much hype gives too much pressure and not performing at your best. I couldn’t find a way to watch the game so I was only able to check the feed scores. From just reading the feeds of the plays, it was a disappointing game. We were not able to take control of the game. Our ace Price was not able to hold the fort and our offense was not enough. Can’t believe hit so many batters, and key players injured already in the first game. I’m glad I didn’t take time off to watch it.

alds gm1

I was able to catch the last 2 innings from listening to the radio (wow, I haven’t done that since 23 years ago). I got home just in time to see the disappointing Jays fan walking out from Rogers Centre. They were all so sad, in their Jays jersey and rally towel … walking back home head’s down.

Let’s hope tomorrow will be a better day, Stroman’s show.